Framing Success - How To Frame Your Unframed Print

Framing Success - How To Frame Your Unframed Print

Our 'Unframed Prints' are incredibly popular, but we often get asked for advice on framing.

A frame can either enhance or detract from your artwork, so it's worth a little thought. Good from far, can be far from good, and your artwork deserves better! Here are some things to consider.

Below: Three Prince's holes as a set. Simple white frames WITH mount



  • An 'off the shelf' solution, whilst more limited in options, presents good value and there are lots of choices. Be wary of perspex/acrylic instead of glass, unless it is of superior quality (cheap frames will have cheap perspex). Good quality perspex, however, can look as good as glass and is super light!
  • If you have a certain colour scheme or already have framed prints that the new addition needs to match, then you'll need to head to your local framer for a fully bespoke option. Ask for their input as the variants can be endless!


  • Mounts (matting) can totally transform a picture, separating it from its surroundings and giving it more visual weight. They also provide protection by keeping your print off the glass.
  • The aperture of the mount should be the same size as your print. Frame descriptions will often say something like '30 x 40cm with mount, 40 x 50cm without'. Watch out for this as it can be easy to order the wrong size.

    Below: 30 x 40cm (12 x 16") print, rested on 40 x 50cm white frame WITH mount.
    Similar can be found at John Lewis or IKEA for under £20

    Below: 30 x 40cm print (12 x 16"), in a 30 x 40cm frame WITHOUT mount
    Similar can be found at IKEA

    • A local or online framer (you send them your print) may also offer additional mounting options such as floating or double/triple mounting creating extra impact.
    • On the other hand, there is also a strong argument for NO mount - especially for our large prints. A clean thin aluminium frame creates a superb contemporary option, where nothing distracts from the print.
    Below: The Old Course print looks great with NO mount in a contemporary aluminium frame.
    See the 45 x 60cm / 18 x 24" options on Amazon



    3 - SIZING:

     Our standard International sizes for unframed prints are:

    • Small: 30 x 40cm / 12 x 16"
    • Medium: 45 x60 cm / 18 x 24"
    • Large: 60 x 80cm / 24 x 32"

    4 - WHERE TO BUY?

    In the UK check out AmazonJohn Lewis, IKEA, Habitat and more focused frame stores such as or are a good start.

    Whilst we are not USA based, in addition to Amazon, sites such as ArtToFrames seem to have an excellent selection.


    Put simply, our amazing artwork can be framed to your preferences with a little research and minimum cost. Be sure to tag us on Twitter or Instagram @evalu18golf with your framing success stories to inspire those who are to follow or leave your comments below! 

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