Spotlight On - Kevin Murray & The Cool Light Collection

FACT: If you’ve not heard of Kevin Murray, you’ll definitely know his photography. As a world-class golf photographer, there are very few courses on your bucket list Kevin hasn’t been to (around 450 to be precise) and very few of your golf hero’s he hasn’t met – Seve, Phil, Rory, Tiger, Sergio . . . you get the point! 


Hooked on golf in his early 30s, Kevin set up an advertising agency targeted at the golf industry with Callaway becoming one of his first clients. From there Kevin’s career catapulted, with commissions coming from the greatest clubs in the world. His style transformed the way courses and players were perceived and down to this day his talent is much sought after and his images continue to receive acclaim.


The team at Evalu18 are huge fans of Kevin’s work and the ‘Cool Light’ Collection – 12 incredible photographs from courses across the UK & Ireland. Commenting on the collection Kevin said, “The Cool Light series has been inspired by Evalu18's ideology of taking Golf Art to a new and refreshing level of creativity. Looking for a form that complimented the very successful Evalu18 Golf Map Art, I was looking for a serenity that still retained the drama and balance which has been my signature approach to Golf Art since I first started back in 2006! I’m extremely proud of the limited edition Cool Light Collection and believe this to be a new genre of Golf Art for the discerning collector.”


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